We pick precious flowers like our rose in a different location every year. And we only harvest about one in three flowers. The petals are succulent which means they hold an incredible amount of water, therefore when dried, they shrink to a fraction of their size. Always an honor to work with, Alaskan wildflowers bring us great joy, and so much benefit to our skin care products.

Calendula is rich in carotenoids, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory constituents. Its incredibly healing and beneficial properties are extracted for our Cottonwood Balm and Cottonwood Massage Oil.

Cottonwood buds are best harvested in early spring before they leaf out, but after the buds have had enough sunshine and warmth to grow plump and full of healing resin. The scent of Cottonwood defines the fresh spring scent in Alaska. In addition to Susan’s favorite scent in the world, Cottonwood has the benefit of being analgesic (pain killing), anti-inflammatory, as well as promoting cell growth so there is nothing like it to heal skin.

Liam is about to harvest Calendula in our raised bed. The black tubing is to clip floating row cover (or Remay) to, which protects and insulates the plants in these northern climes.

A sampling of our wildcrafted and organically grown dried herbs and flowers that we use in our 100% natural, handmade Alpenglow Skin Care products.

The delicate floral scent of wild Alaskan roses always puts a smile on Susan’s face.

Liam harvesting Horsetail for the Alaskan Herbal Hair Rinse. Horsetail is the preferred botanical for stimulating hair growth and relieving dry itchy scalp and dandruff. It also contributes to the vibrant shine one experiences from our herbal hair rinse.